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About Wada Technology

  Wadatec Corporation was found in 2002. It is a professional target material company, which provides critical materials and integrated services for electro-optical products, touch screen, etc. Providing products of pioneering technology is our faith, leading us to have comprehensive services as our mission, to grasp industry trends, and to compete with international companies with excellent development techniques. Our main products and services include tungsten and molybdenum products, membranous splashes and evaporation targets, and integrated services.

  Our business philosophies are to make efforts in developments, to promote technique levels, to satisfy our customs, then to enhance target management as well as proactively training to establish prospects and the business strategies of feedback to customs and society. Wadatec Corporation will keep devoting ourselves to provide products and services, which gain positive feedback from our customs, in order to satisfy our customs’ expectations and demands.


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