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Molybdenum Sheet

Appearance: It has metallic silver luster.
Density: ≥10.15g /㎤
Thickness: 0.1㎜ - 2.0 ㎜.
Surface Condition:Surface can be supplied in a shiny, bright, or as-rolled condition; dependent upon thickness .
Heat Treatment:Molybdenum sheets are rolled and annealed to provide the optimum condition for the desired end use. 
Applications:It is used for fabrication of sintering boats, high temperature furnace heating elements and heat shields.
Standard:ASTM B386-03

Composition (Typical):99.95% Molybdenum minimum

element W Si O Ni Na N K Fe Cu Cr C
ppm 300 25 50 50 20 20 30 50 15 20 50

Molybdenum Plate

Appearance:It has metallic silver luster. 
Density:≥10.15g /㎤
Surface Condition:Bright - Surface is chemically cleaned to remove all lubricants and oxides.  Ground - Surface is ground to remove all coating and to achieve precise thickness  control. 
Applications:It is widely used in the construction of furnace tooling and parts for the 
electronics and semiconductor industries
Standard:ASTM B386-03 

Composition(Typical):99.95% Molybdenum minimum

element W Si O Ni Na N K Fe Cu Cr C
ppm 300 25 50 50 20 20 30 50 15 20 50

Molybdenum Rod



For producing electric light source parts and electric vaccum components; 

For producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces. 

Chemical Composition:

Mo Content >99.95% 
Other Element Content Total <0.05% 
Each Element Content <0.01% 

Surface Condition:

Black - Surface is black retaining a coating of processing lubricants and oxides. 
Bright - Surface is chemically cleaned to remove all lubricants and oxides. 
Ground - Surface is centerless ground to remove all coating and to achieve precise diameter control 


The diameter is ranging from 0.5mm to 100mm. 
Special requests are available.

Standard: ASTM B387-90

Molybdenum  Wire

  Single wire of 25kg has no welded joint. It is regular black with smearing graphite surface. After removing graphite, it has metallic luster. 
Density:≥10.2g /cm3. 
Coils wrapped with waterproof paper with carton box outside. 
Standard: ASTM B387-90





Molybdenum Target

Chemical Composition:
Mo Content >99.95% 
Other Element Content Total <0.05% 
Each Element Content <0.01% 

Application:microelectronic,flat panel display,data storage,optical glass coating,and other industries.

Availability:The width can reach 760mm and length can reach 3300mm depends on the thickness.We can also provide half-finished molybdenum targets.After August 2010,we can provide Mo target whose width can reach 820mm. Special requests are available.

Package:vacuum pack,wooden case,etc. ,can be provided according to clients' needs.

Molybdenum  Alloy

TZM Moly Alloy:This alloy contains 99.2% min. to 99.5% max. of Mo, 0.50% Ti and 0.08% Zr with a trace of C for carbide formations. TZM offers twice the strength of pure moly at temperatures over 1300°C. The recrystallization temperature of TZM is approximately 250°C higher than moly and it offers better weldability.
Mo-30W Alloy:This alloy offers unique properties for the zinc industry. It resists the corrosive effects of molten zinc. Mo-30W has the potential of offering enhanced performance in applications where any erosive effects are a factor. 
Mo La alloy:This alloy is a molybdenum alloy containing Lanthanum Oxide. It has extraordinary resistance to recrystallization, ductility, and high-temperature deformation. It is an ideal material for applications requiring dimensional stability and strength at temperatures above the capabilities of either pure molybdenum metal or TZM alloy. 
Molybdenum-Copper Composite Materials:MoCu composite materials are produced by an infiltration method and are deliverable with different copper shares (20-35 %). It is characterized by high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and high wear resistance combined with excellent electrical conductivity. The alloys are available as rods, bars, plates, and finished parts.

Molybdenum boat & Fabricated Parts

Molybdenum boat:Introduction: As a special and effective boat vessel, which are widely used in metal evaporation, electron beam splash, and the heat Process with sintering and annealing in vacuum coating industries
Specification:310#,308#,315#,312#,318#, ,207#,215#, ,223#,510#,512#,514#, etc. We can produce as per the design drawing picture according to the requirements of customers.
Purity:99% and above
Molybdenum fabricated parts:Many high temperature industrial furnaces use molybdenum (moly) components for such things as elements, element supports, power terminators, and process fixtures. Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) construction relies on inner shells fabricated from molybdenum sheets. These are used to contain the workload and support the heating elements. Likewise, flat heating elements made from moly sheet are used in vacuum and hydrogen furnaces. Heat shielding and other furnace structures help round out the use of moly in the furnace industry


Molybdenum  Tube

Composition:99.95% Molybdenum minimum
Class:Round tube and Square tube
OD:3.0㎜ to 380 ㎜ 
Length:max 1000 ㎜
Wall thickness:min 0.5 ㎜
Wall Thickness:0.5-20㎜*10-120㎜*10-120㎜
Length:6000㎜ below
Tolerance of dimensions:±0.5㎜
Purity of molybdenum tube:>=99.95%
All can be produced as the requirements of customers.
Element W Si O Ni Na N K Fe Cu Cr C
ppm 300 25 50 50 20 20 30 50 15 20 50

Molybdenum Eletrode

Appearance:Sliver gray metallic luster; No defects (lose side, lose corner, divided layer, crackle). To bend or align according to the needs of users.
Density: ≧ 9.8g/cm³

Purity: Mo ≧ 99.95%

Dimension: (14-20) X (14-20) X L  L<=500mm
Main applications: Used as electro-heat device of the glass fiber kiln.
Composition:99.95% Molybdenum minimum














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