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Nickel Product

Nickel 200/201

  Nickel 200 is a commercially pure nickel alloy possessing good corrosion resistance and relatively low electrical resistivity. Has been used in a wide variety of applications including food handling equipment, magnetically actuated parts, sonar devices, and electrical and electronic leads.

  Nickel 201 is a low carbon variety of Nickel alloy 200 possessing low annealed hardness and a very low work-hardening rate desirable for cold forming operations. It is highly resistant to corrosion by neutral and alkaline salt solutions, fluorine and chlorine. Has been used in food and synthetic fiber processing, heat exchangers, chemical and electrical industries.

Chemical Compositions:

C Cu Fe Mn S Si Ni
Max 0.15 Max 0.25 Max 0.40 Max 0.35 Max 0.35 Max 0.01 Balance

item Description Standard
Rod Φ 3 - 200mm ASTM B160 - 05
Plate Thickness:1.0 -20mm 
ASTM B162 - 99
Sheet Thickness 0.2 -1.0mm
ASTM B162 - 99
Wire Dia. 0.1-6.0mm GB3210- 82
Tube Outside Dia. 5.0-110mm
Wall Thickness 1.0 -4.5mm
ASTM B161 - 05

Invar Product

Super Alloy Super Invar 32-5 (tm):

  A modification of Invar alloy, Super-Invar contains cobalt as a replacement for some of the nickel in this iron-nickel alloy. This modified composition results in a coefficient of thermal expansion that is near zero at moderate temperatures.


  Precision measuring devices requiring the maintenance of extreme accuracy and dimensional characteristics with changes in temperature.


Kovar Product

Kovar Rods, Plates,Sheets,foil


  Characteristics: Kovar has a wide usage in the electronics industry, such as metal parts bonded to hard glass envelopes. These parts are used for such devices as power tubes and X-ray tubes, etc. In the semiconductor industry kovar is used in hermetically sealed packages for both integrated and discrete circuit devices. Kovar is provided in a variety of forms to facilitate efficient manufacturing of various metal parts. It has thermal expansion characteristics matching those of hard glass. Used for matched expansion joints between metals and glass or ceramics.


Monel Product

Monel 400/k-500
Density: 8.8g/㎤
Melting Point: 1293-1349℃
Modulus of Elasticity: 173 kN/㎟  
Electrical Resistivity( 21 - 93°C): 13.9 μ m/m °C
Approx Service Temperature: -190 to +260°C
Main Characteristics:Excellent corrosion resistance in hydrofluoric acid and fluorine media; good corrosion to hot and strong alkaline solution, neutral solution, water, sea water and organic compounds.
Applications:Applied in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, pharmacy and electronic industries.
Specification:Forgings,Rod, Plate, Strip,Ring, Wire, Bolts, Springs and other consultations supply, according to customer's production

Titanium Product


  It has a melting point of 1668°C and a density of 4.54 gm/cc. It has excellent properties and characteristics which are important to design engineers .Titanium is immune to corrosive attack by salt water or marine atmospheres. It also exhibits exceptional resistance to a broad range of acids, alkalis, natural waters and industrial chemicals. Titanium and its alloys are widely used in aerospace, industrial, marine and commercial applications.




Tantalum Product 


  It is a greyish silver, heavy, and very hard metal. When pure, it is ductile and can be drawn into fine wire, which can be used as a filament for evaporating metals such as aluminium. Tantalum is almost completely immune to chemical attack at temperatures below 150°C, and is attacked only by hydrofluoric acid, acidic solutions containing the fluoride ion, and free sulphur trioxide. The element has a melting point exceeded only by tungsten and rhenium. 

  The major use for tantalum is in the production of electronic components, mainly tantalum capacitors, which are very small relative to their capacity.

item Description Standard
Rod 0.5 - 95mm ASTM B365 -98 R05400
Wire 0.5- 3.0mm ASTM B365 -98 R05400
Plate Thickness:
1.0 -20mm
ASTM B708 - 05 R05400
Sheet (Strip) Thickness
0.05 -1.0mm 
ASTM B708 - 05 R05400

Niobium Product


  It has many properties that make it an excellent candidate for fabricated parts that must be made of a refractory metal. It offers exceptional durability , excellent heat transfer properties ,good ductility and weldability under a clean, dry, inert gas or a vacuum.  Niobium is highly resistant to corrosion in most aqueous mediums that are highly corrosive.

item Description Standard
Rod 0.3 - 95mm ASTM B392 -03 R04210
Wire 0.5- 3.0mm ASTM B392 -03 R04210
Plate Thickness:Z 1.0 -20mm ASTM B393 - 05 R04210
Sheet (Strip) Thickness
0.05 -1.0mm 
ASTM B393 - 05 R04210
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